Over the past 17 years, Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) has grown into a global multifaceted organization that provides emergency relief and builds disaster resilient communities predominantly in the developing world. It does so through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and response programs in vulnerable communities. In such communities, FOCUS’ work is usually the primary resource for DRR and response. Central to FOCUS’ work is the aim to reduce human suffering and ensure community dignity is maintained as the aftermath of a disaster is endured.

We look to your support for FOCUS’ disaster preparedness and response work by becoming a FOCUSSTAR. FOCUSSTARs are donors who contribute to FOCUS on a monthly basis, enabling FOCUS to prepare human and material resources in advance, and work on initiatives to help lessen the damage from disasters, when they occur.

Whether natural disasters like earthquakes and avalanches, or man-made crises like the recent regional instability in various parts of the world, we know that disaster can strike at any time. That is why FOCUS works to stockpile its resources and ensure that supplies are ready in advance of a crisis, to help save lives and provide assistance to those who need it most. Be a part of the FOCUSSTAR initiative by setting up an automated electronic donation in regular installments using your credit or debit card. Contributions are tax-deductible and every penny helps.

By becoming a FOCUSSTAR, you too can help build FOCUS’ lifeline and ensure its resources are in place before disaster strikes to save lives and reduce suffering. Thanks to your support we are able to build our capacities and resources to ensure we are ready to assist affected and at-risk communities in times of disaster.

Reach out and help build our lifeline. Become a FOCUSSTAR today.


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